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Welcome everyone to our A COURSE IN MIRACLES (ACIM) Blog
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Created in June 2018, this ACIM Blog is a forum for students of A Course In Miracles to come together for sharing our experiences of reading and applying the teachings. This is an ad-free Blog. No registrations or sign-ups are necessary. Feel free to read and consider the sharing here. Feel free to share whenever you feel so moved. If you would like to share how applying the teachings and principles in these materials is expanding your awareness of our Oneness in Divine Essence, please email me at and type Blog in the subject line. I will post appropriate messages from you here. I will post messages identifying the sender in first name and initial of last name only. (If you prefer that your sharing remain completely anonymous, please say that in your email.)
We begin with a prayer: Jesus, Dear Brother, We pray to You, and We pray to the Holy Spirit (our Communicator), as We join together in celebration of knowing our Oneness with All. We ask your permission to perform and receive Miracles. We understand that a Miracle involves a change in perception, and we open ourselves to this transformation whenever and wherever you deem proper. We pray that You assist us to remain in Christ Mind, which is our repeating choice. We choose God’s Truth above all else. Amen.
Click on whichever of the following interests you, to open and read the pdf file: 6/3/18  Sharing:  An email to everyone, relating my recent, deepening Spiritual Awakening Others Sharing: In Response to 6/3/18 email 6/8/18  Sharing:  A second email to everyone, announcing this ACIM Blog 6/12/18  Sharing:  God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Us 6/20/18  Sharing: How I remain in Joy every moment (or rather: most every moment, lol) 6/24/18  Sharing: The Simple 3-Step Process (which I find to be easy, as well) 6/30/18: Sharing: Our repeating choice is our only responsibility; Jesus and Holy Spirit take care of the rest. Period. Coming Soon: Sharing: Identifying with the false self, instead of relishing in our True Self, is the basis of most “problems.” Coming Soon: Sharing: Surrendering the ego Coming Soon: Sharing: What if…? Coming Soon: Sharing: Being impeccable with our word: speaking ONLY Truth Coming Soon: Sharing: If I’m feeling upset about anything, the cause is always the same; and the solution is always the same. Coming Soon: Sharing: Present in the Now, completely; alert and aware Coming Soon: Sharing: So Peaceful Coming Soon: Sharing: Having fun with it all Coming Soon: Sharing: We are creating expanding experiences, ALWAYS, either with God, or with the ego mind. Coming Soon: Sharing: Fun (and Funny) Synchronicities Coming Soon: Sharing: Living AA’s 12 Steps, in an ACIM Way Coming Soon: Sharing: Awakening Experiences Coming Soon: Sharing: “Look For The Good” becomes “See ONLY The Good (God)” Coming Soon: Sharing: The space between the notes Coming Soon: Sharing:
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