In   recent   years,   a   variety   of   energy   tapping   techniques   have   sprung   up,   derived   in   large   part   from   EFT   (Emotional   Freedom   Techniques),   which   was founded   in   1995   by   Gary   Craig. And   just   as   Gary   has   acknowledged   that   his   EFT   was   largely   based   on   other   techniques   before   him,   including   Dr.   Roger Callahan’s   TFT   (Thought   Field   Therapy),   aspects   of   NLP   (Neuro   Linguistic   Programming),   as   well   as   the   ancient   eastern   art   of Acupuncture,   these   new up-springing tapping techniques, sometimes referred to as ETT (Energy Tapping Techniques) or MTT (Meridian Tapping Techniques), have developed. And   just   like   EFT   went   beyond   some   of   the   earlier   techniques   and   perhaps   yielded   better   results   while   simplifying   some   aspects   of   other   routines,   so Energy   Correction   Method   (ECM)™   does   then   follow   that   lead.   Thus   with   my   background,   including   such   practices   as   EFT,   Reiki, Yuen   Method,   Unity Spiritual   Principles,   an   understanding   of   the   Law   of   Attraction   (including   principles   derived   from   the   teachings   of   Abraham-Hicks),   as   well   as   the multitude   of   teachers   and   co-practitioners   I   have   had   the   honor   to   know   and   work   with,   I   (Linda   Fisher-Piccolo)   have   developed   a   very   user-friendly Energy Correction Method (ECM)™. I   am   happy   to   report   that   EFT   /   ECM   is   a   very   simple,   yet   extremely   effective   way   to   correct   a   body’s   energy   system,   which   then   has   an   immediate positive effect on the body’s natural ability to heal itself and to be in its natural state of well being and positive allowance in all areas of life. EFT   /   ECM   is   very   simple   to   learn.   I   teach   it   one-on-one   to   a   client   during   a   private   appointment,   I   teach   it   to   large   groups   in   my   Basic Workshops,   and   I lead   everyone   in   the   small   group   sessions   (via   Skype).   Imagine   participating   in   a   private   appointment   or   any   of   the   group   sessions,   releasing   an   emotional issue   from   your   life   once   and   for   all,   and   then   knowing   how   to   apply   this   very   simple,   yet   extremely   effective   technique   at   any   time   in   the   future, whenever an emotionally distressing issue may arise for you. EFT (Emotional   Freedom   Technique)    /   ECM   (Energy   Correction   Method)   has   been   compared   to Acupuncture   --   but   without   the   needles.   It’s   more   of   an   AcuTAP,   as   you   tap   with   your   fingertips   on certain   energy   meridian   end-points   around   your   face,   torso,   and   hands.   EFT   /   ECM   results   are   the quickest   and   most   effective   that   I   have   ever   come   across,   for   the   absolute   elimination   of   any   low- vibration    emotional    reactions    (fears,    phobias,    worry,    stress,    anger,    grief,    forgiveness    issues, childhood    issues,    depression,    trauma    memories,    insecurities    and    self-worth    issues,    lack    and limitation, etc. ).
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