REIKI PRINCIPLES Just for today, I will forgive myself and all others. Just for today, I will trust. Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings. Just for today, I will do my work honestly. Just for today, I will respect my neighbor and every living thing.
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REIKI is a GIFT of the UNIVERSE to us ALL. Using   Reiki   is   a   process   of   channeling   intensified   Life   Force   Energy,   through   the   hands   of   the   Reiki   Practitioner   into   the   body   of the receiver, via the body’s chakras (energy centers). The   Reiki   practitioner   and   the   receiver   both   wear   comfortable,   non-binding   clothing,   and   both   remove   jewelry   and   shoes.   For   a full-body treatment, normally, the receiver lays on a mat or a table (like a massage table). With   Reiki,   we   work   primarily   with   the   seven   major   chakras:   Crown,   Third   Eye,   Throat,   Heart,   Solar   Plexus,   Sacral,   and   Root. As   a   Master   Reiki   practitioner,   I   allow   intensified   Life   Force   Energy   to   enter   through   my   Crown   chakra   and   to   flow   through   my   hands,   as   I   place them   on   or   above   the   receiver’s   major   chakras.   For   areas   like   the   Heart   chakra   on   women,   or   the   Root   chakra   on   all   clients,   we   do   not   place   our   hands directly   on   the   body;   we   place   our   hands   just   above   or   at   an   angle   to   the   chakra.   In   addition   to   the   main   chakras,   I   also   treat   the   client's   knees,   ankles, and   feet.   There   are   additional   hand   placements   for   various   mini-treatments,   but   a   full-body   treatment   includes   the   areas   I   have   just   mentioned.   This takes about 45 minutes to an hour or so to complete. Experiences   during   a   Reiki   treatment   vary   from   client   to   client,   and   even   from   one   treatment   to   the   next   for   the same   client.   During   the   Reiki   treatment,   as   the   receiver,   you   may   feel   your   entire   body   warming,   or   you   may feel    heat    intensifying    in    more    specific,    focused    areas.   You    may    feel    a    tingling,    energy-in-motion,    either throughout   your   entire   body   or   in   more   specific,   focused   areas.   You   may   simply   feel   SO   at   peace,   or   SO   loved. You   may   see   visions.   One   common   experience   during   a   Reiki   treatment   is   the   feeling   of   total   relaxation   and inner peace, which you may take with you into your future life experiences. You   do   not   need   to   be   sick   to   benefit   from   Reiki,   but   if   you   are,   know   that   Reiki   relieves   pain   and   speeds   the healing process. Reiki works to heal the cause (the core) of the illness or dis-ease. Reiki has been credited for the healing of ALL types of dis-order, including cancer and AIDS. Reiki is immediately effective when used for first-aid. Reiki   goes   to   wherever   the   receiver   needs   it. The   practitioner's   job   is   simply   to   allow   the   energy   to   flow   through, and   the   receiver's   job   is   simply   to   accept   and   receive   ~   our   Universal   Life   Force   does   the   rest.   Once   the   Reiki energy   is   passed   and   received,   Reiki   assists   the   person   desiring   a   healing   to   apply   the   Reiki   Principles   to   the   dis- eased areas of his/her life.
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