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REIKI DEFINED Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is an ancient Eastern healing art, which promotes healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. In   addition   to   relieving   SYMPTOMS   of   disease,   Reiki   works   deeper—to   heal   the   CAUSE.   The   word   “Reiki”   means   “Universal   Life   Force”   –   it   is   the   Force   or Energy   that   created   and   sustains   all   of   Life.   It   is   the   Force   of   Life,   itself   –   whatever   that   may   mean   to   you:   God,   Father/Mother   God,   Mother   Goddess, Allah, Cosmic Force, Infinite Intelligence, Etc. HISTORY OF REIKI Reiki   is   an   ancient   healing   art,   which   originated   in   the   East.   Because   this   method   of   healing   was   kept   very   secret   at   one   time,   it   became   a   lost   art.   Reiki   was then   rediscovered   in   the   late   1800’s   by   a   man   named   Dr.   Mikao   Usui,   whose   travels   and   research   led   him   to   the   ancient   Buddhist   Sanskrit,   which   is   where   he ultimately   rediscovered   this   spiritual   healing   technique.   Dr.   Usui   treated   and   healed   many   people   using   Reiki.   He   eventually   passed   his   teachings   on   to   a   man named   Dr.   Hayashi,   making   him   a   Reiki   Master   as   well.   Dr.   Hayashi   passed   his   teachings   on   to   a   woman   named   Hawayo   Takata,   and   she   is   responsible   for bringing   the   teachings   to   the   United   States.   Today,   Reiki   is   continuing   to   be   handed   down   from   Master   to   student,   worldwide.   Reiki   is   a   gift   of   the   Universe   to us all. HOW REIKI IS PERFORMED     Using   Reiki   is   a   process   of   channeling   intensified   Life   Force   Energy,   through   the   hands   of   the   giver   into   the body of the receiver, via the body’s chakras (energy centers). When   performing   Reiki,   you   can   treat   yourself,   and   you   can   treat   others.   The   Reiki   practitioner   and   the receiver   both   wear   comfortable,   non-binding   clothing,   and   both   remove   jewelry   and   shoes.   For   a   full-body treatment,   normally,   the   receiver   lays   on   a   mat   or   a   table   (like   a   massage   table).   If   you   are   treating   yourself, you can lie on your bed or sit in a comfortable chair. With   Reiki,   we   work   primarily   with   the   seven   major   chakras:   Crown,   Third   Eye,   Throat,   Heart,   Solar   Plexus, Sacral,   and   Root. As   a   Reiki   practitioner,   you   allow   intensified   Life   Force   Energy   to   enter   through   your   Crown chakra   and   to   flow   through   your   hands,   as   you   place   them   on   or   above   the   receiver’s   major   chakras.   For   areas like   the   Heart   chakra   on   women,   or   the   Root   chakra   on   all   clients,   we   do   not   place   our   hands   directly   on   the body;   we   place   our   hands   just   above   or   at   an   angle   to   the   chakra.   In   addition   to   the   main   chakras,   I   also   treat (and   teach   my   students   to   treat)   the   client's   knees,   ankles,   and   feet.   There   are   additional   hand   placements   for various   mini-treatments,   but   a   full-body   treatment   includes   the   areas   I   have   just   mentioned. This   takes   about   45 minutes to an hour or so to complete. Experiences   during   a   Reiki   treatment   vary   from   client   to   client,   and   even   from   one   treatment   to   the   next   for   the same   client.   During   the   Reiki   treatment,   as   the   receiver,   you   may   feel   your   entire   body   warming,   or   you   may feel   heat   intensifying   in   more   specific,   focused   areas.   You   may   feel   a   tingling,   energy-in-motion,   either throughout   your   entire   body   or   in   more   specific,   focused   areas. You   may   simply   feel   SO   at   peace,   or   SO   loved. You   may   see   visions.   One   common   experience   during   a   Reiki   treatment   is   the   feeling   of   total   relaxation   and inner peace, which you may take with you into your future life experiences. EFFECTS OF A REIKI TREATMENT     Receiving   a   Reiki   treatment   is   the   experience   of   receiving   and   absorbing   Universal   Life   Force   Energy   in   an   intensified   degree.   This   intensified   Life   Force Energy promotes healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. However,   a   person   does   not   have   to   be   sick   to   experience   the   benefits   of   Reiki.   Other   blessings   of   a   Reiki   treatment   include   total   relaxation,   emotional   calming, immune system strengthening, a strong sense of inner peace, stress relief, energy balancing, and removal of energy or chakra blockages. So   you   do   not   need   to   be   sick   to   benefit   from   Reiki,   but   if   you   are,   know   that   Reiki   relieves   pain   and   speeds   the   healing   process.   Reiki   works   to   heal   the   cause (the core) of the illness or dis-ease. Reiki can also be used on pets and plants. Reiki is immediately effective when used for first-aid. Reiki has been credited for the healing of ALL types of dis-order, including cancer and AIDS. I   would   like   to   point   out   here   that   healing   and   medicine   are   two   different   disciplines.   Reiki   makes   no   diagnosis.   Reiki   can   be   a   powerful,   supplementary   and complimentary   action   to   any   medical   treatment   a   person   may   be   currently   receiving.   Reiki   is   able   to   alleviate   unpleasant   side   effects   from   a   medical   treatment. Reiki can succeed where traditional medicine may fail. One   of   the   great   things   about   Reiki   is   that   neither   the   practitioner   nor   the   receiver   has   to   know   the   specifics   of   the   client's   troublesome   illness   or   disease.   Reiki goes   to   wherever   the   receiver   needs   it   most.   The   practitioner's   job   is   simply   to   allow   the   energy   to   flow   through,   and   the   receiver's   job   is   simply   to   accept   and receive   ~   our   Universal   Life   Force   does   the   rest.   Once   the   Reiki   energy   is   passed   and   received,   Reiki   assists   the   person   desiring   a   healing   to   apply   the   Reiki Principles to the dis-eased areas of his/her life. LEVELS OF A REIKI PRACTITIONER  There are three Levels of a (Usui) Reiki Practitioner: Level I, Level II, and Level III Reiki Master / Teacher. A   certified   Reiki   I   Practitioner   is   a   beginner.   As   a   Level   I,   you   are   Attuned   to   perform   Reiki   on   yourself   and   others.   Level   I   deals   primarily   with   the   physical realm.  You practice with Level I for at least three weeks, and until you feel ready to move on to the next Level. The   Level   II Attunement   allows   you   to   experience   a   greater   capacity   for   receiving   and   channeling   the   Energy.   It   also   allows   you   to   become   a   bit   more   creative &   effective   in   your   healing   sessions.      You   are   given   three   Reiki   Symbols   and   mantras   to   work   with   and   are   now   healing   on   an   emotional   and   mental   realm,   as well   as   the   physical.      A   Reiki   II   Practitioner   can   perform   Distance   Healing,   which   is   a   way   to   send   Reiki   to   another,   beyond   space   and   time   ~   you   and   your client are in two different places, perhaps two different countries, and you send Reiki to him/her. Another   exciting   gift   of   the   Reiki   II   Attunement   is   the   ability   to   perform   what   I   call   " Right   Now   First   Aid ."   With   the   Reiki   II   empowerment,   Universal   Life Force   works   through   you   to   achieve   IMMEDIATE   results   in   cases   of   first   aid   (burns,   cuts   and   scrapes,   bee   stings,   etc.).   Right   Now   First   Aid    removes   pain   and stops bleeding immediately for first aid conditions. At   Level   III,   you   become   a   Reiki   Master.   This   certifies   you   to   teach   this   art   to   others,   if   you   like,   and   to   pass Attunements.   You   are   empowered   with   the   final two   Reiki   Symbols,   and   now   you   are   working   on   a   greater   Spiritual   realm.      The   Master's Attunement   allows   you   to   experience   a   greater   capacity   for   receiving and   channeling   Reiki.   Know   that   you   do   NOT   have   to   possess   a   desire   to   teach   Reiki   to   become   a   Reiki   Master.   In   my   opinion,   the   greater Attunement   itself, along with the Master Symbols, is reason enough to become a Reiki Master. The Reiki III Attunement opens or strengthens your psychic abilities. THE REIKI ATTUNEMENT PROCESS     A   necessary   initiation   into   Reiki,   which   an   aspiring   practitioner   must   receive   from   a   Reiki   Master,   is   the   “Attunement.” The Attunements   are   what   empower   the student   to   become   a   Reiki   Practitioner   in   each   of   the   three   levels. An Attunement   is   a   very   brief,   yet   very   sacred   ceremony   in   which   our   Universal   Life   Force, through   the   Reiki   Master,   opens   a   channel   in   the   student.   This   empowers   the   student   to   receive   and   channel   an   intensified   degree   of   Life   Force   Energy.   The Attunement process takes just a few minutes – the student sits in a chair, and a silent, sacred ceremony takes place. Experiences   of   an Attunement   vary   from   student   to   student,   and   even   from   one Attunement   to   the   next   for   the   same   student.   During   the Attunement,   you   may feel   your   entire   body   warming,   or   you   may   feel   heat   intensifying   in   more   specific   areas.   You   may   feel   your   entire   surroundings   heat   up   with   energy.   You   may feel   a   tingling,   energy-in-motion,   either   throughout   your   entire   body   or   in   more   specific,   focused   areas.   You   may   simply   feel   SO   at   peace,   or   SO   loved.   You may see visions and/or get Divine Messages. As   a   student,   after   an Attunement,   you   may   notice   your   change   in   energy   right   at   first,   or   it   may   take   a   few   days,   but   you   will   notice   at   least   a   subtle   change   in the   energy-in-motion   in   your   body. A   student   only   receives   as   much   energy   as   he   or   she   can   handle.   It   takes   about   21   days   for   your   body   to   become   accustomed to this new energy, so I do not Attune a student to the next level until after about 3 weeks have passed. REIKI CLASS DESCRIPTIONS & FEES FYI:   I   have   been   using   and   enjoying   my   Reiki   abilities   since   1998   when   I   took   my   first   classes.   I   have   countless   &   consistent,   excellent   &   profound   results   for the   clients   that   I   have   worked   with   and   for   the   students   I   have   taught.   I   perform,   teach,   and   certify   the   method   that   I   was   taught   and   certified   in:   Usui   Non- Traditional   Reiki,   which   is   a   keep   it   simple    version   of   this   Universal   healing   gift.   I   know   students   of   the   “Traditional,”   more   expensive   and   less   open-to- individuality   teachings,   and   I   can   assure   you   that   there   is   no   difference   in   the   Energy   that   we   each   are   channelling.   “Traditional”   students   and   Practitioners   are no   more   powerful   or   empowered   than   “Non-Traditional”   students   and   Practitioners,   even   though   “Traditional”   students   may   have   spent   thousands   of   dollars more   for   their   training   and   certifications.   It   may   be   that   students   of   the   Traditional   schools   have   a   need   for   more   in-depth   instruction   and   a   need   to   spend   a   lot more money to be comfortable with their Reiki usage...? Regardless, I am happy that my classes are open to everyone (12 years of age and older) and are inexpensive! I   teach   everything   you   need   to   know   in   a   5-hour   Class   for   Reiki   I,   a   4-hour   Class   for   Reiki   II,   and   two   2.5-hour   Classes   for   Reiki   III.   The   manual   reading   is helpful,   and   I   do   instruct   my   students   to   read   at   home,   but   once   you’ve   had   the   classes,   you   are   going   to   get   most   of   your   knowledge   from   your   own   experience of performing Reiki. REIKI I: One 5-hour Class. Includes Attunement & Level I Certification. Click here for Reiki I Class outline.   Cost: $90 includes Reiki I Manual REIKI II: One 4-hour Class. Includes Attunement & Level II Certification. Pre-requisite: Must have attained your Level I    Certification from me or any other Reiki Master Instructor. Click here for Reiki II Class outline.    Cost: $115 includes Reiki II Manual REIKI III: Two, 2.5-hour Classes (Reiki 3A & Reiki 3B), set approximately 2 weeks apart. Includes Attunement & Level III Reiki     Master / Teacher Certification. Pre-requisite: Must have attained your Level I & Level II Certification from me or any other     Reiki Master Instructor. Note: My Reiki Master Classes certify you to teach what I teach, which is specifically named:      Usui Non-Traditional Reiki. Click here for Reiki III A & B Classes outline.     Cost: $370 includes Reiki III Manual and your personalized Gold Seal Desk Embosser. NEXT REIKI CLASS DATES REIKI CLASSES ARE ON A WINTER BREAK; PLEASE CHECK BACK IN SPRING 2023.  ~ THANK YOU! FYI: The Reiki Classes that I schedule at Inner Light Services are limited to 3 or 4 students per class. I tend to schedule the classes as the need arises. If you don’t see a date for a class that is convenient for you, contact me (Reiki Master Linda Fisher-Piccolo) and we can discuss our options. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING A REIKI CLASS WITH ME, PLEASE REGISTER BELOW OR EMAIL OR CALL ME. THANK YOU! For Classes scheduled at Inner Light Services, Reiki Master Linda A. Fisher-Piccolo will email you the information you need, including travel directions, within 48 hours of receiving your registration. Next REIKI I Class Date:  TBD       Inner Light Services, Sterling Hgts, MI Instructor: Reiki Master Linda Fisher-Piccolo       TO REGISTER FOR THIS REIKI I CLASS, PAY $90 BY CLICKING ON THIS PAYPAL BUTTON Next REIKI II Class Date: TBD     Inner Light Services, Sterling Hgts, MI Instructor: Reiki Master Linda Fisher-Piccolo        TO REGISTER FOR THIS REIKI II CLASS, PAY $115 BY CLICKING ON THIS PAYPAL BUTTON   Next REIKI III Class Dates: TBD   Inner Light Services, Sterling Hgts, MI  Instructor: Reiki Master Linda Fisher-Piccolo TO REGISTER FOR THIS REIKI III CLASS, PAY $370  BY CLICKING ON THIS PAYPAL BUTTON        TO REGISTER FOR A REIKI CLASS, CLICK ON CORRESPONDING PAYPAL BUTTON IF THERE IS ONE DISPLAYED. OTHERWISE, PLEASE CONTACT LINDA FISHER-PICCOLO TO REGISTER. THANK YOU.
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