? DID YOU KNOW that you can have a private Session with Linda Fisher-Piccolo even if you are in a different location? CLICK HERE to learn more about Jitsi Meet **  ** There is nothing for you to download :) It’s a simple click on a link that I would email to you at the time of our appointment.
                                                                                            Private Appointment Session Rates: EFT / ECM  $90 hr. Initial Session: 2 hrs. ($180), with GUARANTEED RESULTS Online Jitsi Meet Sessions receive 20% discount Reiki Healing Session (In-Office)  $75.00 (You DO come to the office for this 45 min. - 1 hr. Session) Reiki DISTANCE Healing Session  $35.00 (You DO NOT come to the office for this 20-minute Session) Spiritual Counseling  $90 (45 min. - 1 hr. Session) Online Jitsi Meet Sessions receive 20% discount 3 Combination (In-Office)  $180 (For chronic or serious health challenges, this 2-hr. Session includes: 1st hour of EFT / ECM, followed by a full Reiki Session, ending with 10 - 15 minutes of Yuen Method. Weekly or bi-weekly Sessions may be advised.)
Healing and medicine are two different disciplines. Inner Light Services and Linda Fisher-Piccolo make no diagnosis. Energy work can stand alone or be a powerful, supplementary and complimentary action to any medical treatment a person may choose to experience. Energy work can alleviate unpleasant side effects from a medical treatment. Energy work has been known to succeed where traditional medical treatments have failed. If you are ill, please consult the healthcare professionals of your choice.
To Schedule Your Private Appointment with Linda Fisher-Piccolo: Contact Inner Light Services (Sterling Heights, Michigan) Telephone: 586-215-7657 Email: Linda@LindaFP.com
SPIRITUAL COUNSELING Spiritual   Counseling   can   help   you   to   resolve your    inner    struggles.   An    understanding    ear, detached    wisdom,    and    a    fresh    perspective may    provide    the    illumination    necessary    for your next step or new direction. Often,   just   speaking   with   a   Counselor   allows for    greater    insight    into    how    you    may    be sabotaging your self and your happiness. Linda   Fisher-Piccolo   is   a   Spiritual   Counselor, Ordained      Minister,      and      Master      Energy Practitioner. At   your   discretion,   your   Spiritual Counseling     Session     may     include     energy healing techniques. Linda   can   assist   you   to   get   back   in   touch   with your   Inner   Presence,   your   Oneness   with   all that    is,    and    the    unleashing    power    of    the present moment.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and ECM (Energy Correction Method) Likened   to   Acupuncture,   but   without   the   needles, EFT   /   ECM   is   more   of   an AcuTAP,   with   the   client tapping    on    certain    energy    meridian    end    points around   the   face,   torso,   and   hands.   Its results   are the   quickest   and   most   effective   that   I   have   ever come   across,   for   the   absolute   elimination   of   any low-vibration   emotional   reactions   (fears,   phobias, worry,    stress,    anger,    grief,    forgiveness    issues, childhood    issues,    depression,    trauma    memories, insecurities     and     self-worth     issues,     lack     and limitation, etc. ). Used   mainly   for   emotional   healing,   but   has   been known to heal physical ailments as well. Linda    FP    Note :    In    my    experience,    best    long- lasting     (and     permanent)     results     for     physical healing      occur      when      emotional      causes      are uncovered and healed. I   have   been   specializing   in   EFT   /   ECM   for   several yea rs.   My    success   rate   for   helping   clients   to   heal emotional       issues       exceeds       98%.       I       do GUARANTEE       RESULTS        (for       emotional   healing), or no charge! I   have   seen   many   clients   who   feel   that   years   of therapy   have   not   given   them   the   relief   that   they obtain   from   one   or   two   sessions   with   me   and   EFT / ECM.
REIKI The   word   “Reiki”   (pronounced   Ray-key)   means “Universal   Life   Force”   –   it   is   the   Force   or   Energy that    created    and    sustains    all    of    Life.    It    is    the Force   of   Life,   itself   –   whatever   that   may   mean   to you:   God,   Father/Mother   God,   Mother   Goddess, Allah, Cosmic Force, Etc. Receiving   a   Reiki   treatment   is   the   experience   of receiving    and    absorbing    Universal    Life    Force Energy   in   an   intensified   degree.   This   intensified Life   Force   Energy   promotes   healing   on   all   levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki     relieves     pain     and     speeds     the     healing process.   However,   a   person   does   not   have   to   be sick   to   experience   the   benefits   of   Reiki.   Other blessings    of    a    Reiki    treatment    include:    total relaxation,    emotional    calming,    immune    system strengthening,    a    strong    sense    of    inner    peace, stress   relief,   energy   balancing,   and   removal   of energy or chakra blockages. Linda   FP   Note :   Physical   illnesses   of   a   chronic   or serious     nature     often     require     multiple     Reiki Healing    Sessions.    When    treating    challenges    of this    type,    we    may    choose    to    combine    two additional     techniques     (EFT     /     ECM,     Yuen Method)   in   our   sessions,   to   obtain   our   very   best results.
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