Linda, I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate my session and have felt the positive effects from it.  I still look at those memories around that past particular incident as unfortunate, but they don't have the emotional connection anymore -- just like when you checked in with me about it at the end of the session. I've also used tapping a few times since the session and it was successful. I'm very pleased with our session and the results.  Thank you & best regards,   SV (Grosse Pointe)  YOU ARE AN AWESOME HEALER, LINDA, WITH POWERFUL SKILLS.  I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU TO ANYONE.   SENDING YOU BLESSINGS.   SD (Lake Orion)   Dear Linda, I just came from my doctor’s office, and (with regards to healing the condition we worked to heal) his exact words were: “IT’S A MIRACLE!”  I can’t thank you enough!   JJ (Southfield) Dear Linda, I am writing to thank you for helping my husband. I am very happy to report that he is looking and feeling so much better -- thanks to you! Even when his doctor told us that he would always need to use the oxygen tank, you let us know that we didn’t have to believe that, and you taught us how to stop affirming what we did not want. He is SO GLAD to be free of that tank and to be able to do all the activity he used to do, including  working out at the gym. Needless to say, he no longer makes fun of me for being interested in things like Reiki -- he no longer refers to energy and spiritual work as “that weird woo woo stuff” -- thank you! Love to you and your husband,    GP (Sterling Heights)      Hi Linda, I just wanted to let you know that I had a newfound sense of peace yesterday after our session and for the first time in a long time (maybe  ever) I feel like I can overcome my problems. Thank you so much for your effort and commitment to helping me. Your dedication and belief in  EFT / ECM is so encouraging. I know I have a long way to go, but I definitely feel better. You are a very compassionate and kind woman and I  feel lucky to have met you. Thanks again,   NC (Bloomfield Hills) STUDENTS PRAISE LINDA’ S CLASSES & WORKSHOPS:   Linda,  I can't remember if I already mentioned this to you or not, but your class evaluations are seriously the only time (in my experience!) that every single student evaluation was marked "excellent"!  How awesome is that!   AD (Class Coordinator Unity Church, Warren)   Hello Linda, Thank you so much for holding the workshop on Saturday. I found it to be so exciting and I am extremely pleased to have had the opportunity  to learn from you.  Thank You!!!   CS (Novi)  Linda is a terrific moderator: non-judgmental, knowledgeable and able to move the discussion forward. I still remember many of the  interesting conversations.   MS (Farmington)    Dear Linda, Your class has made a major impact on my life. I know it is an experiential process. The changes that have occurred within my personal development have been profound and I am looking forward to each class. Your class has helped me reduce my work stress by over 75 percent. I realize the value of the process more and more each day.   RN (Detroit)  Wow, what a workshop -- what a blessing! It was everything you said it would be, and so much more. I know D and T also felt the same. We all appreciated your expert instruction,  kindness and help. I’m still practicing daily, and looking forward to when we will meet again.   RV (Holly) HERE’S WHAT ATTENDEES OF THE EFT / ECM APPLIED GROUP SESSIONS ARE SAYING:    Thanks to everything that I’ve healed here in the past 6 months, my life has improved in every area! I’m so much happier, and my family is happier too!   DH (Clinton Twp.)   I wouldn’t miss it (attending a Group meeting) for the world! There’s always something I can work on to heal, and I always leave the meeting feeling lighter and free-er!   CG (Clinton Twp.)    Linda’s passion for this work is obvious, and her intuition and ability to get to root causes is amazing. Yes, I am a therapist, and I am also human with my own issues to heal. I know other practitioners, but I don’t know any who are as gifted as Linda.   SS (Royal Oak)    I recommend these meetings to everyone I know!   RT (Warren)    Thank you, Linda, for providing the time & space for us to heal & learn with your expert guidance -- you are truly a God-send!  LD (Troy)
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